Cross Delay Released

vescoFx has released Cross Delay, a new VST effect plug-in that allows you to create advanced stereo delay images in your mixes all in a single plug-in.

The controls to allow echo output to be directed between channels is at the heart of this plug-in. Each echo can be sent to the opposite channel from the source signal (echo of the left channel is heard on the right) or subsequent echoes can ping pong between channels.

A modulation section allows tweaking the delayed sound with a dynamic combination of depth and speed all on a single control with realistically usable settings through its entire range. Throw in the independent output controls and an adaptive damping and what you end up with a VST delay plug-in able to deliver lively and exciting delays for all your mixing needs from home studio to pro studio.

The plugin will be offered with an introductory price of more than 30% off.

Get more info from the Cross Delay product page.

Awesome graphics by Scott Kane.