This free VST plugin will take any track and turn it inside out, making it sound as if the audio surrounds you. Turn to freeOutisder when you want to create a sound that fills the room and seems as though it comes from the air all around rather than from the speakers.


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64-bit internal processing resolution.

Built in presets to get your mix jumpstarted.

Full automation support of all controls for VST compliant hosts (additional extensions for REAPER).

Sample accurate, zero-latency algorithm.

Reverses phase on one side of the stereo spectrum.

Pan between the normal and reverse phase channels.

Creates an unusual hyper-stereo effect.

Works with 64-bit and 32-bit audio hosts running on 32-bit Windows OS (including compatibility for older Athlon processors).

Handles mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-stereo I/O from your DAW.


Phase Chooses the side of the signal to serve as the root of the sound. The selected channel is not reversed.

Mix Pan between the normal and phase reverse channels. Adjust this control to achieve slightly panned effects.