Provoker gives you one giant knob used to push a track right to the front of a mix. Vocals need more focus? Turn up the knob. Guitar solo having trouble cutting through a dense arrangement? Turn up the knob. Bass performance a little uneven? Turn up the knob. It really can be that easy. Provoker is like your personal mix assistant. Just tell it more or less and it will bring your tracks more or less into focus using a combination of program dependent compression, subtle eq and clean, tube-style saturation.


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64-bit internal processing resolution.

Lots of built in presets to get your mix jumpstarted.

Full automation support of all controls for VST compliant hosts (additional extensions for REAPER).

Sample accurate, zero-latency algorithm.

Uses a combination of variable compression, subtle eq, and saturation to bring your vocals to the front of the mix.

Compressor section is tweaked to sound great at every setting with a very soft knee with auto make up gain.

Includes a soft expander style gate for controlling noise between vocal phrases.

Eliminates complex routing for parallel dynamics processing.

Sounds great on drums.

Can be used on any instrument requiring more presence or focus in a mix.

Works on both mono and stereo tracks.

Works with 64-bit and 32-bit audio hosts running on 32-bit Windows OS (including compatibility for older Athlon processors).


Boost 0% to 100% controls the amount of presence, focus and grit added to the signal. Just turn it up until it sounds good!

Expander -96dB to 0dB Threshold for the soft expander. Most effective for attenuating low level noise (it is not a gate). The meter next to this control shows the amount of attenuation applied. Turn the knob up until there is full attenuation during the "noise" parts and little to no attenuation during the desired parts.

Dry mute to 0dB controls the level of the input signal sent in parallel to the plugin outputs. Keep this control muted for the classic Provoker effect. Turn it up for parallel compression style effects.

Wet -30dB to 0dB controls the level of the processed signal. Normally kept at 0dB but can be adjusted for parallel effects or level balancing.


Tutorial: Clear and Present Vocals This tutorial shows you how to use Provoker and free Queue VST plugins to clean up your vocals and put them right at the front of your mix.